Look out below! Dropping objects from 400ft

Small unmanned aircraft systems are really good at what they do – capturing stunning aerial footage. This capability has been utilized by dozens of industries. From real estate listings to search and rescue operations, everyone needs eyes in the sky. But what if your drone could be more than a flying camera? What if it could be a workhorse?

Enter FliFLi Airdrop

Supported Models: Phantom 3, 4

FliFli unlocks a whole new capability of your aircraft: carrying payloads. With its receding mechanical latch, a pilot can take and drop objects as far away as the remote allows. When it comes to possible applications, the sky really is the limit.

Included in the box: charging cable, carrying case, remote lanyard, remote, FliFli device, mounting plate
Tip:  I prefer to use the two-headed charging cable like the the one included with the PolarPro light bars to charge both the device and controller at once.
You’ll notice the design looks an awful lot like the Phantom, from the white color scheme to the LED lights.
The operation is pretty simple. One button press displays the battery power, and holding the second time switches the power on or off, just like the aircraft or batteries. When powered on, pressing the controller button once opens the mechanical arm and a second press closes it.
-Quick and easy to assemble.
-Mechanical arm mechanism can be utilized in many ways
-FliFli can support any load the drone can handle; the arm holds the payload very securely
-Aesthetic design looks like an official DJI product
-Relatively short battery life, including shelf life
-Remote range shorter than drone controller range (although still over 3,200ft)
-Mounting bracket does not fit flush against aircraft; see first .gif
-Only currently available for Phantom series
The applications are limitless. What would you drop with a FliFli? Let me know in the comments. Until then, here’s some ideas to get you started:



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Brenda bell

How do I buy a bracket for the fli fli because I missed placed my bracket